HugonnetVRexim SL

We are currently the official world resellers of the brand, Rilix VR Simulators for virtual reality entertainement. These major brand are focused on best imersion quality. Our mission is to give you access to the best prices on the market. Please click on the links for all distribution details.

Currently based in Spain, our mission is to serve our VR suppliers and our tasks it's representation and/or distribution.

Family company founded in 2012 in Switzerland for export and import of VR equipment, we based our reputation on the values of availability and reliability.

Our services:

Sales and Rent for VR Simulators arround the world

Testing of samples VR provided on our Retail clients

Carnets ATA

Providing marketing material for product promotion (scripts, stickers, videos and more)(website, sales folders, advertising)

Technical assistance (hotline)

Stand Number: FM2605