Osborne Technologies Ltd

We are a leading multi-division company delivering a wide range of AV and technology solutions to the education and corporate sectors. We manufacture a range of own-brand solutions developed in-house as well as exclusively distributing a range of complimentary products from selected overseas partners.

We have grown year-on-year since we started, and now supply thousands of schools, businesses, partners and government organisations across the world with a range of quality products and services, many of which are now developed in house.

EntrySign (Visitor Management System) - Sleek and stylish, efficient and user-friendly, EntrySign makes signing visitors in and out quicker and easier than ever before. EntrySign records the attendance of staff, visitors and contractors. In educational establishments EntrySign also records pupil & student movements. The easy-to-use Back Office Suite allows you to monitor who is in the building at all times, look-up historical information, generate detailed reports and activate an instant evacuation roll call in seconds.

EntrySign in Education - Improve safeguarding in your school by having live, up to the minute visibility of who is on site and a wealth of information and reports just a click away.

Staff, pupils and students, authorised visitors such as school governors, supply teachers or peripatetic teachers and even contractors can all sign in and out using dedicated options on the touch screen, and the EntrySign back office suite can track CRB/DBS dates and other essential information.

Join the many primary and secondary schools, nurseries and colleges in the UK and across the world who have chosen EntrySign as their new visitor management system.

EntrySign in Business - If you have an unattended reception area, EntrySign can ensure you still have a professional front-of-house for your visitors and deliveries with functions specifically designed for this purpose and notifying you staff by email when visitors sign-in or delivery men and couriers are waiting in reception.

EntrySign is now used in many business, enterprise and corporate environments including offices, warehouses and factories, shopping centres, and government organisations such as the NHS and Fire & Rescue services.

WizeFloor (Interactive Floors) - WizeFloor provides a vast collection of games and activities which are projected onto the floor and made interactive using camera tracking technology. Players use their hands, feet and other physical objects such as bean bags or play cones to play games and complete activities individually or in groups.

With WizeFloor you can create new activities in minutes. From Maths to Science, RE to ICT, English to MFL, History to PSHCEE - a wide range of built-in applications underpin literally hundreds of games and activities and WizeFloor allows you to create your own, quickly and easily.

As you set the questions, activities and game parameters, you can make the exercises as easy or difficult as you want to fit your subject, groups and classes. Once you've created an activity, you can easily create a copy of it and by making only small changes create new activities for different abilities.

SensoryScent (Scent Solutions) - SensoryScent produce a range of reliable, affordable scent delivery systems with over 400 preformulated fragrances to choose from. Our scent specialists can also produce bespoke scents to suit your needs and will work with you to create the aroma that you want, however large or small your project is. Complementing our range of off the shelf scents, is our wide variety of scent nebulising machines.

SensoryScent have worked on many bespoke projects - including both retail and marketing applications, including mobile systems for use in vehicles, kiosks for perfume retail applications and even a scent globe which was used to deliver aromas from around the world for the opening of the new Heathrow Airport terminal 2 (pictured here).

Our flexible scent delivery systems allow us to offer a range of options from push-buttons for installed/kiosk type applications, IPAD or tablet control for manual operation or automate the delivery of scent completely using simple timers or more advanced control systems.

If you're a solution provider or integrator looking to add scent to your products, our software development kit will make integration easy.

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