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  • Sarah Roots

    Warner Bros.

    A Magical Five Years at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

  • Michael Braithwaite

    Merlin Entertainment Group

    Creating and delivering compelling live entertainment offerings for the modern market

  • Caroline Sanger-Davies

    Chester Zoo

    Collaboration, creativity, and connection to your brand – the key to creating successful new experiences

  • Justin East

    Merlin Magic Making

    Fun =Future ²

  • Sean Taylor

    Zip World

    Zip World the Company – going downhill fast

  • Daisy Mercedes

    Longleat Enterprises Ltd

    Making an Event an Attraction

  • Wendy Walton

    Bristol Zoological Society

    We built a Zoo!

  • Mario Di Maggio

    Dome Club Ltd

    Shared Immersive Experiences in Multipurpose Geodesic Domes

  • Daniel Hill


    Escape Rooms - Explore the Latest Immersive Leisure Attraction

  • Andy Mills-Brown

    Talent Artistic Group

    Entertainment: Guest Experience vs Investment (and what’s the ROI?)

  • Beth Carter

    Green 4

    Improving your Visitor Engagement Strategy to Ensure Success

  • Martyn Barnett

    RMG Networks Ltd

    Enhancing Consumer Engagement Through Intelligent Digital Signage

The Family Attraction Expo runs alongside the below shows, all under the Leisure and Hospitality And Tourism banner
7th & 8th November, NEC Birmingham

blog post

Could talking litter bins help keep your site clean and tidy?

Novelty talking litter bins in the shape of penguins, chicks and bears are helping improve litter collection rates


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Self-watering planters suitable for year-round use at family attractions

Self-watering planters are considered more suitable for use in the summer – but can enhance growing conditions all year round


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The Demise of Good Old Fashioned Cash and Our Changing Lifestyle

Have you noticed how little cash we all carry nowadays?


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InterFun discusses the latest in adventure and play


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Simply The Best Events

Simply The Best Events are the UK's leading events company, specialising in Family Fundays, Its a Knockout, Team Building, Inflatable attractions, Synthetic Ice and Roller Rinks.


press release

The future for family attraction sites has its own award

The arrival of the Family Attraction Innovation Award.


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Penguins come to Lincoln!

Shopping centres are becoming entertainment hubs for all the family, offering facilities such as play areas, cinemas and bowling alleys,


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The Golden Coffee Opportunity

Coffee and hot drinks, as part of a retail offering, in any modern facility is still in huge growth. Starbucks, Costa and numerus smaller, local companies have branched out from the traditional coffee house offering